Metal spinning Aluminum ice bucket

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1.  Technology Introduction

(1) Technology Introduction

Metal spinning is a forming process that produces hollow parts that are typically circular in cross-section. The basic metal spinning process starts with a flat metal disc (blank),  which rotates on a lathe. This rotating blank is pressed against a tool (chuck mandrel) that duplicates the interior of the part.

Historically metal spinning was associated with prototypes and low volume production time. However, with the introduction of automatic and CNC lathes metal spinning is now a cost-effective option for both medium and high volume production. The relatively inexpensive tooling price still makes this forming method a cost effective one for fabricating prototypes.

(2)  Process Parameters

ToleranceGB/T 15055-m



Surface treatment:

brushed, polished, painting, powder coating, anodizing, Zinc plating

 (3) Material Introduction

Aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel, carbon steel, or as per customer’s drawing

2.  Product Introduction

Material is Aluminum,

Surface treatment is brushed +anodized.

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